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More recent academic publications by UICM researchers




Malyarenko, Tetyana and Wolff Stefan. The Dynamics of Emerging De-Facto States: Eastern Ukraine in the Post-Soviet Space, Routledge, 2019, 104 p.


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  • Greg Simons. Media and Public Diplomacy


Simons Gregory and Iulian Chifu. The Changing Face of Warfare in the 21st Century. Routledge, 2017, 288 p.


Peer-reviewed articles


Galbreath David and Malyarenko Tetyana (2020) Evolving Dynamics of Societal Security and the Potential for Conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Europe-Asia Studies, vol.72, 2020


Kemoklidze, Nino and Wolff Stefan (2019) Trade as a Confidence-Building Measure in Protracted Conflicts: the Cases of Georgia and Moldova Compared, Eurasian Geography and Economics, vol. 60, 2019


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Simons, Greg (2018) The Role of Russian NGO in New Public Diplomacy, Political Marketing, vol. 17, issue 2, 2018


Malyarenko Tetyana and Wolff Stefan (2018) The Logic of Competitive Influence-Seeking: Russia, Ukraine and the Conflict in Donbas, Post-Soviet Affairs, vol. 34, issue 4


Malyarenko Tetyana and Galbreath David (2016) Paramilitary Motivation in Ukraine: Beyond Integration and Abolition, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, vol. 16, issue 1, 2016


Relitz, Sebastian (2019) The Stabilization Dilemma: Conceptualizing International Responses to Secession and De-Facto States, East European Politics, vol. 35, issue 3


Rodt Anne Marie, Whitman Richard, Wolff Stefan (2015) The EU as an International Security Provider: The Need for a Mid-Range Theory, Global Society, vol. 29, issue 2

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