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The Ukrainian Institute for Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution (UICM) is a non-partisan non-governmental organization established in 2016. The Institute aims to promote interdisciplinary research, research-led teaching and policy-making in Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution in Ukraine and beyond. UICM is comprised of a group of Ukrainian and international experts in the area of early-warning, conflict prevention, crisis management and conflict resolution. The initiative to establish UICM was triggered by the annexation of Crimea and the violent conflict in eastern Ukraine both of which have fundamentally changed the way Ukrainians understand war and conflict and the consequent need within the policy community and media, as well as the general public, for grounded, objective, high-quality research and evidence-based security policy. 

UICM is a successor of International Association for Institutional Studies, which was registered in Donetsk, Ukraine and implemented 5 Jean Monnet Projects in the area of European Integration/European Security in the period from 2008 to 2015 (a continuity project ‘Jean Monnet Spring Seminar on European Security’) as well as NATO Science for Peace and Security projects. UICM benefits from experience, intellectual capacity and networks established in the previous years since the core academic staff and international partners joined the new institution.

Between 2016 and 2018 UICM implemented Jean Monnet project ‘The EU’s Comprehensive Approach to External Conflict and Crisis Management’. Between 2018 and 2020 UICM has been implementing Jean Monnet Project ‘Building Resilient States and Societies: EU’s Response to New Security Challenges in the European Neighbourhood Area’. Between 2019 and 2021 UICM has been implementing Jean Monnet Project ‘The EU’s Cyber Security and Digital Diplomacy: Strengthening the Bridge between Research and Policy’. One of the fundamental long-term objectives of our projects is to mobilise the different strengths, capacities, competencies and relationships of the EU and Ukraine for more coherent policy and actions in conflict prevention and response to conflict and crisis situations, engaging more closely with major stakeholders, such as security community, civil society, think-tanks and academia.

For more than twelve years of implementation of different Jean Monnet projects in Ukraine we have established a wide network of scholars and institutions dealing with European Security Studies, who exchanges practices, builds knowledge and promotes the European integration process across the European Neighbourhood countries.

To date, UICM cooperates with a number of international organisations conducting research and public policy project in the zones of armed conflict, including International Committee of the Red Cross (project: ‘Roots of Behaviour in War’), NATO, OSCE, and UN. Together with civil-military administrations of Donetsk and Luhansk provinces of Ukraine, it implements project ‘Democratic Security Governance and the Rule of Law in Donbas: Civil-Military Cooperation and the Management of Current and Future Threats in Conflict-Affected Territories of Ukraine’.

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