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3-7 March 2020, Odessa, Ukraine

International Workshop ‘Ukraine-EU Strategic Partnership in the Cyber Space’

The aim of this workshop is to increase the linkages between research and policy-making in European Security Studies generally and European Cybersecurity Policy particularly and contribute to the development of research-led teaching in this area in Ukraine.


The EU’s Cyber Security and Digital Diplomacy: Towards an Integrated Teaching and Research Programme


The purpose of workshop is twofold. First of all, a critical mass of cybersecurity professionals, academics and public servants, engaged into research, risk assessment and curriculum development at the previous stage of this project will discuss security responses and measures of particular relevance and shared interest of all stakeholders in the EU member states and the European Neighbourhood countries in order to establish a background for creation of new effective platform for cooperation in cyber security and cyber diplomacy. The second, but equally important goal of this workshop is to enhance the linkage between research, teaching and policy-making in European Security Studies with particular focus to cyber security and cyber defence and contribute to development of research-led teaching and evidence-based policy making in the area of cyber protection.

European Cyber Security Day in Ukraine

‘European Cyber Security Day in Ukraine’ will be one day promotion campaign conducted in aimed at the growth of public awareness of cyber and hybrid security threats and promotion of cyber security culture among Ukrainian citizens and organisations.

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